Ottawa House By-The-Sea Museum

This painting of the early Ottawa House dates from c 1850 (artist unknown). Reproduced here courtesy of Conrad Byers.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Parrsborough Shore Historical Society is to collect, record, preserve and promote the history and heritage of the Parrsborough Shore area and encourage participation in these matters.

The Society held its' Annual General Meeting on 26 January 2008 (see Latest News and the following is a list of the Board of Directors and the Chairpersons of the various Committees. Anyone willing to work with one of the committees is invited to contact the Chair, or any Board member

Board Members
Bernice Byers                 Norma Cassidy Graham           Margaret Ling
Bev Clark                       Frank Hartman                         Doug Robinson
Colin Curleigh                Sarah Hartman                        Ken Snowdon
Ed Gilbert                      Kathleen Howe                        Linda Towns
Keith Graham                Lois Hyslop                              Ann Kernohan


President - Frank Hartman
Vice-President - Colin Curleigh
Treasurer - Doug Robinson
Secretary - Sarah Hartman

Finance Committee                                Restoration Project Committee
Treasurer - Doug Robinson                     Keith Graham - Chair
Auditors - Ray Hyslop                              Ed Gilbert
              - Heather Robinson
Lottery - Margaret Ling

Project Action Committee                     Museum Committee
Colin Curleigh - Chair                              Frank Hartman - Chair
David Towns                                           Doug Robinson
Keith Graham                                         Susan Clarke
                                                               Sarah Hartman
                                                               Linda Towns
                                                               Conrad Byers

Research, Genealogy, Newsletter Committee
Sarah Hartman - Chair
Conrad Byers
June Wagstaff                                        Membership Committee
Ed Gilbert                                               Doug Robinson - Chair
                                                              Joyce Canning
Ways and Means Committee                Marilyn Orr
(Programming and Publicity)
Kathleen Howe - Chair                           Maintenance Committee
Susan Clarke                                          Ed Gilbert
Margaret LIng                                        Ken Snowdon
Bev Clarke                                              Kerwin Davison
Lois Hyslop                                             Frank Hartman
Linda Towns                                           Doug Robinson

Gift Shop Committee
Kathleen Howe - Chair
Bev Clarke
Linda Towns

Building Manager - Susan Clarke

We welcome your stories and reminiscences. If you have any you would like to share, please send them to us at: