Characteristics that you have to look at when choosing a good whiskey

There are few pleasures in the world more refined than trying a good whiskey. The aroma, flavor, color and history make this distillate, without a doubt, the favorite of millions of fans and connoisseurs of good living. Click here for nikka samurai Gold & Gold.

Its origin

Each denomination of a good whiskey has its own characteristics. You will find wines of different origin. Go for that origin you like. Visit this site for suntory roku gin.

Its smell

Although its alcohol content is high, good whiskey has many complex aromas that emerge along with it. If you only smell alcohol, you are not in front of a good distillate.

good whiskey

Its mouthfeel

Your tongue does not have to sleep, nor does your mouth or throat have to burn. No: a good whiskey is a feast of pleasant flavors in your mouth.


A good whiskey is best enjoyed if served between 10 and 18 degrees.

The glass

Please enjoy a good whiskry in a good low and wide glass. Now, if you want to taste it, the options are a glencairn glass or snifter. Not all, but many whiskeys can be perfectly mixed in cocktails or even with drinks, depending on each taste.


Of course, it can, in fact, in many cases be recommended, since the alcoholic load is high. Now, you have to keep an eye that the ice water interacts with the distillate, so you have to be careful what ice is added to it. A splash of bottled water isn’t too bad either.


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