Ottawa House By-The-Sea Museum

Ottawa House By The Sea
(watercolour painting by Claudia Mannion)

Welcome to Ottawa House By The Sea
You have just arrived at one of the oldest structures on the Minas Basin. With the central core of the current building dated c 1775 and containing a rare surviving example of Acadian construction, the Ottawa House is a truly unique structure.

Overlooking the beach where Prince Henry Sinclair may well have visited in 1397 and where Samuel de Champlain did land in 1607, the Ottawa House has seen the history of the area unfold in plain view of its' front verandah.

From the earliest Acadian ferry to Blomidon through the establishment of a thriving global trade empire; from the raids of American privateers through to the rum running of the 1920's; from the establishment of a British blockhouse in the defence of British North America through the years of operation as a prestigious Inn of the 20th century; and from the summers of heated discussion over Confederation through to the current day, the Ottawa House has borne witness to the end of French colonization in North America, the establishment of the 14th colony and the founding of a nation.

So come visit, enjoy an ice cream while you sit on the verandah in the soft sea breezes , watch for ghosts of the past as you watch the rise and fall of the timeless tides.

And best of all..............the view is free.